Blockbox by NASGO


by Blockcom

NASGO presents BlockBox! The Next Evolution Of Blockchain

The emergence of Bitcoin makes it possible to go to a decentralized currency system. After several years of development, it has been found that the blockchain technology of Bitcoin has great potential and can be widely used in all walks of life. At NASGO we are trying to make better use of blockchain technology by offering a number of application platforms (decentralized applications or Dapps for short) represented by NASGO, which encapsulate the underlying protocol and build the infrastructure to provide developer’s with a more friendly and more flexible interface.This will allow developer’s an ability to focus on business logic and greatly improve the development process. We are hoping to offer a more efficient user experience while also offering a simple explanation regarding the characteristics, principles and application scenarios of the NASGO system. Blockbox is powered by NASGO. For more information lease visit